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What To Do After You Get Hacked

Published on
December 19, 2023

Here's everything should do after your account gets hacked, from start to finish.

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At this stage, it's safe to say that most of us have either been hacked ourselves or have seen some we know get hacked. If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a hack, here's a rundown of what you should do:

  1. Report the Incident to the Platform

    First things first, promptly submit a report to the platform on which you’re experiencing the hack. Below are direct links to report a hacked account on some of the most common platforms:
  1. Alert Your Contacts

    Swiftly inform your friends and followers that your account has been hacked. Tell them to avoid clicking on any suspicious links or messages coming from your account. Communication is key to preventing the hacker from reaching more people. This will help protect your community from potential harm.
  2. Check for Suspicious Activity on Other Accounts

    Depending on how you got hacked, it’s possible that more than one account was impacted by this hack. To cover all of your bases, do a thorough check on your other accounts for any unusual activities. By taking proactive steps, you can protect your accounts and keep them safe from any future hacking attempts.
  3. Take steps to prevent future hacks

    Update Passwords: Change your passwords regularly (ex: every quarter) especially on your more important accounts such as your banking apps, messaging apps, social media accounts etc.

    Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Although this has become a standard on most websites, some sites still give you the option to turn it off. Make sure you enable 2FA on alllllll of your accounts for an extra layer of security for your accounts.

    Be Skeptical and Trust Your Gut: Be extra cautious about the links and files you open, always check the sender on suspicious emails and most importantly, trust your gut.

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If you've ever dealt with a hack, we'd love to hear your story. Your insights will guide us in creating resources that truly support our community. Share your experience with us through this link – we're all ears!



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