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Web3 for Creatives Convening

Published on
August 2, 2023
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In partnership with Unfinished and the Filecoin foundation, Cyber Collective hosted an in-person event on Web3 ethics. We brought together a group of artists, entrepreneurs, civic tech experts, accountable tech advocates, and more to explore the benefits and the potential downstream effects of Web3. Throughout the evening, we encouraged the participants to define their ethical standards with respect to technology.

Through an engaging and thought-provoking discussion, our event attendees were able to gain a new perspective on Web3 and its impact on society. They had the opportunity to voice their concerns and questions and contribute their perspectives on ethics in the digital age. The feedback we gathered from the attendees demonstrates the power of bringing together a diverse group of individuals to tackle complex issues and create a more inclusive and mindful digital future.

Event Feedback

Fantastic. I was just in awe of everybody. To me, I felt like I was a student more than anything, you know just sitting back and seeing everyone’s perspective on what ethics really is and how that relates to Web3. If anything I feel like I got homework coming from this event, I need to figure out how I’m going to shape my principles based on what the new web is going to be.

- Anthony Frasier
CEO at ABF Creative

Web3 for Creatives Guide

Our event findings were analyzed and synthesized into a guide book that explores the benefits and potential impacts of Web3. The guide also empowers readers with tools to feel more confident in their decisions when navigating a new Web3.

Read the guide

Pages from the Web3 for Creatives guide.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors, who helped make the Web3 for Creatives event a success. We couldn't have done it without the generous support of the Halal Wine Cellar, Honeycomb HiFi Audio Lounge, Barrell Craft Spirits, and Top Shelf Network.

Defining our ethics around Web3 is essential to ensuring that the next era of the Internet serves us and our communities. By taking the time to reflect on our values and beliefs and developing our own set of guidelines, we can actively shape the direction of Web3 and its impact on our lives. This sense of belonging is essential to creating a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape for everyone.

What questions do you have about Web3? What are your ethical boundaries around technology? Read the guidebook and let us know your thoughts.



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